Who we are....

Crescent Moon Yoga is a small, niche studio specializing in Anusara, Aerial, Chair, Yin Flow, Restorative and Vigorous Vinyasa yoga classes, serving our community of La Conner and the Skagit Valley.

Our studio is small and intimate, designed to foster ongoing informed and friendly relationships with our students. We focus on providing quality yoga with targeted instruction to refine and deepen your yoga practice over time.


Through hard work and dedication, persistent practice, yoga will calm your mind and make your body light and strong, easing the harsh effects of a stressful, busy (or not so busy) lifestyle.


If you don't live or work in La Conner, it may take some effort to get here. But we promise - the greater the effort, the greater the reward. Please arrive with time to get settled in the studio, sign in and be seated on your mat. We have space for your personal belongings and there is a restroom/changing area available. Sorry, we do not have a shower.

There is an adjacent parking lot with 1 ADA dedicated space and ramp from the parking lot to the studio if needed. There is also plenty of street parking available on Morris St. in front and on Road St. behind the studio. 

Yoga Mats - 
We recommend you bring your own mat; however, mats are available should you need one and there is no charge. We also have props available.
Click HERE to read an article on why we recommend you have your own mat.  

New to yoga? Here are some tips:

1. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Limit eating and drinking an hour before class. 
2. Hydrate throughout the day. Many people are chronically dehydrated. Don't wait until class to start to hydrate.
3. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Most classes are practiced barefoot. 
4. Do not wear strong cologne or perfume. 
Please refrain from smoking before class.

5. Cell phones turned off or left in the car. This is a time to unplug, to recharge yourself.

What do I bring to my first class?

1. Towel
2. Water bottle
3. Yoga mat

4. An open heart 

5. Positive attitude

Please contact me with any questions at all. 


We hope to see you on your mat!

With light & love,