Crescent Moon Yoga Price Structure

$15 - Drop-in
$108 - Punch Card - 9 Classes

$108 - Monthly Unlimited Individual

Yoga with a Chair

Practice yoga while seated in a chair or standing behind it. The focus is on breath, balance, strengthening, and alignment. 


Stiff Guys & Gals - Level 1 & 2

Increase mobility, prevent injuries, and relieve stress - even if you can't touch your toes. Come join other Stiff Guys & Gals to safely try yoga and leave feeling great! We head to the LC Brewery for Part 2 after yoga!



This class is meant to restore you, prepare you for a lazy evening and relax as the weekend comes to an end. In other words — zero power poses and no sweat! You will be led through long, slow stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation. The lights are dimmed and you’re encouraged to move slowly and listen to your body. ​


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